Thursday, October 13, 2016

Book Review

A Time to Rise by Nadine Brandes 

A Time to Speak: *Parvin dies*
A Time to Rise: *JUST KIDDING*

Okay, so Parvin is back with God guiding her steps. She literally came up from the grave because He wasn't done with her yet.
I love how much Parvin has grown throughout the series and though she has changed a lot since book 1, it hasn't been unrealistic. I loved her confidence in the Lord. It's amazing how when we let go of our own desires to serve God, He gives us the boldness to walk in His path. Parvin was definitely more bold, but not cocky. Spiritual boldness is much different then arrogance. In fact, it's quite the opposite, for to be truly confident in God, you must surrender your pride. I really enjoyed that message throughout the book.
The plot was riveting and not at all what I predicted. in some ways I liked that, but in my Skelly Chase predictions, I wasn't as satisfied. Lots of plot twists, surprises, and awesome moments.
Of course, just like the previous 2 books, the action was none stop and yet somehow Nadine managed to fit in character development, humor, sweet moments, and little things that really glued the book together.
Nadine's writing has improved and I really felt myself drawn into Parvin's world even more so then the first one.

Violence: shooting, beating, a dog attack in which everyone ends up okay. There are also some moments where a character deals with violent thoughts (said character couldn't help it).
Language: zero
Romance: one quick kiss. Can I just say, even though there was a love story, Nadine didn't feel the need to revolve the book around their relationship. It's hard to find a young adult book where the romance is clean, crisp, and cute without it becoming the center of the characters story. It was refreshing.

Over all, A Time to Rise was a great ending to the Out of Time series, and I look forward to more of Nadine Brandes' work in the future!

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